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The Best Way To Quit Smoking


Almost everyone would agree that smoking is a disgusting habit. First off, it makes your breath stink and causes your teeth to become yellow. But that's not all. If you smoke inside your home or in your car, you will end up causing those environments to stink. Studies have also shown that smoking can have harmful effects on your skin, causing your appearance to deteriorate. If these were the only things bad about smoking, they would be reason enough to quit.

But smoking can also have devastating effects on your health. In addition to causing harm to your lungs and increasing the chance of getting cancer, it can have all sorts of other bad effects on your health, such as making it more difficult for you to breath. Coughing is a regular part of a smoker's life.

Perhaps this is why millions of people try to quit smoking, but most people are not successful. Many products like nicotine patches and gums exist, but they usually do not work for people, or if they do, the ex-smoker invariable relapses. Prescription pills can often be helpful as well, but once again, relapse is a concern that is not sufficiently addressed by such solutions. And prescription medication often have unpleasant side effects.

A better way to quit, in my opinion, is to seek a bit of a compromise. The reason smoking is so difficult to quit is that tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive drug. A good solution is therefore to switch to something that is less harmful than tobacco but still delivers the nicotine, so that people won't have an urge to go back to smoking. With these conditions in mind, it becomes clear that e-cigarettes are a viable option. I've been using e-cigarettes from Halo Cigs for years and have not relapsed since quitting smoking. So I know first hand that e-cigarettes can be a permanent solution. If you want to try the same e-cigs, check out these Halo Coupons.

Are e-cigarettes the ideal way to quit smoking? Probably not, because as I've stated earlier, you're still going to be inhaling nicotine. But aside from that, you will gain many benefits. E-cigarettes users don't have bad breath, can breathe more easily, and avoid many of the health pitfalls and risks that come with smoking tobacco. And should you decide you want to quit all nicotine, e-cigarettes can serve as a step in the right direction. Quitting smoking cold turkey may prove daunting, but making a switch to e-cigarettes then trying to reduce your e-cig usage is a much more feasible approach for most people