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Clinical Organic Facial 

Recommended for oily, acne prone and problem skin. 


Skin analysis 
Cleansing w/organic cleanser 
Exfoliation treatment with organic Papirka AHA 
Lymphatic Manual Face Massage 
Overall extraction 
Hydration with organic moisturizer Protection 

$120-70 min treatment 
For best results, six treatments are recommended. 

Special: Buy 6 sessions for $598 


PURE - revolutionary facial treatment for the ageing skin

This  facial retexture is a safe and natural alternative to injections and other so-called "invasive" methods used in cosmetic surgery. 
This revolutionary treatment addresses the following obstacles: 
- Correction of three types of wrinkles 
(fine lines and superficial wrinkles, deep wrinkles in depth, expression lines) 
- Improving the major aesthetic parameters 
- Preventing the cutaneous ageing 
- Visibly smoothes out -expression lines and prevents the appearance of new ones 
- Attenuates deep wrinkles 
- Instantly lifts fine lines 
- Promote relaxed features 
- Immediately improves the skin's texture and tonicity 
- Intensifies the complexion's radiance and healthy pink component 
- Provides the epidermis with optimal lasting hydration 
The results are seen after the first treatment  
This facial is indicated for men and women from the first sign of wrinkles as an alternative to anti-ageing surgical procedure. I t is appropriate for any skin types, even the most sensitive ones. 

Bio-lift A-1 Facial 
Is appropriate for deeply dehydrated , devitalized , ageing skin, sun damaged. Reactivates the cutaneous metabolism, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, increases the skin's firmness and tonicity, restores the hydrolipidic film. For any type of skin. 

w/Optimized Vitamin C 
Treats dull, lifeless, heterogeneous complexions, brown spots, sagging of the skin. Brightens , evens out the complexion and gives it luminosity, attenuates brown spots, firms and contour of the face. For all types of skin. 

Bio-lift revitalizing Facial 
The most powerful skincare treatment for the winter season. 

Rosacea skincare treatment 
The progression of Rocasea varies from person to person. With appropriate skincare treatment and trigger avoidance of Rosacea can be well controlled.

Symptoms of Rosacea: Redness, heating of the skin, butterfly pattern, pimples, papules, red lines, rhinophyma, and eye irritation.

SPECIAL: Rosacea facial with the most effective Light Pulse Rosasea elimination treatment 

Hydro-lift and Sea Facial 

Champagne regeneration Facial 
The Ultimate Champagne yeast regeneration Facial combines the anti-aging benefits and skin firming properties of the Champagne yeast. The treatment begins with a lifting, contouring massage, followed by a specialized Champagne eye treatment that provides ultra-hydration to smooth away fine-lines and puffiness. Next steps of this unique treatment will increase oxygen intake and promote collagen production.  
$95 - 1h15min 

European classic deep pore cleansing Facial

Procedure duration is 60 minutes. It includes a cleansing of the deep facial pores. Manual lymphatic drainage face massage is performed. The procedure for lymph drainage has been tested, honored and embraced over many years (particularly in Europe where lymphatic drainage is used as a standard service). Appropriate for any type of skin, and is beneficial for women, men, and teens. $75 

Euroupean Facial Plus (+)

This unique and very effective facial combines two approaches to benefit skin rejuvenation skin processing: Overall manual skin cleansing and Ultrasound skin therapy. The tightening skincare treatment precisely targets the skin deep tissue layers that would traditionally be addressed in surgery. Excess skin over the lids is reduced, opening up the eyes and producing a more refreshing appearance. Puffiness, dark circles, redness of the skin, deep wrinkles are among the conditions that are successfully treated. This European Facial Plus is a great option for individuals who care about their skin health and appearance, and who want to stay ahead of the aging process. Course of 6 -9 treatments is recommended for the best results . $110.00 per treatment

C-Esta Facial
Procedure duration is 60 minutes and can be performed for any type of skin including extremely sensitive skin. This treatment will provide immediate, dramatically visible results: skin re-texturing, smoothing and firming. Also includes extraction during the procedure. For women, men. $95 

Golden Facial (Four Layer)
Procedure duration is 60 minutes. 
Layer upon layer of pure, invigorating seaweed and mineral masks are applied. This treatment improves both tone and texture, assuring a long-lasting afterglow with a new softness and smoothness. Appropriate for aging skin of any type. $89 
Be-in-shape Facial

Procedure duration is 30 minutes. This facial is specially designed to keep face in good daily conditions. Includes cleansing, European style face massage and a Swiss tonic colored mask. For normal and dry skin. Is recommended for women 20-50 years old. $50 

Glycolic acid peel - AHA Peel (non - invasive)

Procedure duration is 30 minutes. A safe and reliable procedure that is quick and easy with literally no recovery time. Exfoliates dead skin cells, fine lines and assists the skin in its natural renewal process. Most effective in course of six treatments. $55 

Anti-stress Aromatherapy Facial

Procedure duration is 40 minutes Aromatherapy oils are use to relax and calm tired skin. For any type of skin, women and men. $50 

Moor Spa Facial

Procedure duration is 65 minutes. The facial is beneficial for all types of skin - dry, normal, and oily. It can even be performed on sensitive and problem skins. The overall effect are deeply purified skin and pores, aid in abating wrinkles, rejuvenated complexion with a heightened firmness, tone and freshness. For women, men. All ages. $85 

Teen SpringRain Facial

Procedure duration 45 minutes. This facial treatment treats adolescent skin problems. It is an individually designed program of good skin care habits is also included. $75 

Bridal SpringRain Facial

Procedure duration 75 minutes. This facial treatment was designed by the Spa owner to prepare young women for the most important day in the life. You will see the difference and enjoy your appearance. Course of 4-5 treatments before. Treatment is recommended on the wedding day. $80 

Gentleman's European Facial 
(Timeless Skincare for men)

Procedure duration is 65 minutes. This cleansing and relaxing facial is designed to address the needs of sensitive skin from shaving, environment damages and lack of attention. The hydrating treatment leaves skin well-conditioned and soothes irritation. A relaxing, pressure-point massage will ease tension in the neck and shoulders. $75 

Back Facial

Procedure duration is 45 minutes. Deep cleansing, extraction and exfoliation under the steam is followed by a toning lotion to refine the pores and a mask to balance and normalize skin appearance. The back, shoulders an d upper arms are relaxed with a 15 minutes massage and a final application of smoothing moisturizer. Especially recommended for ladies and gentlemen with intense fitness activity. $70 

La-Stone Facial

Procedure duration is 60 minutes. Smooth, nurturing massage with stones creates trails of heat and cold that wash over your face, lingering just long enough to melt the tension from each tissue of skin. A unique relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Ladies and gentlemen welcome. $80

Facial Rejuvanetion Package 

...... Package includes ($85):

  • Deep Pore Cleansing
  • Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage
  • Natural Face Masks

Collagen Treatment Facial for dehydrated skin 
If you experience the discomfort of dry skin you are probably in need of a facial that will hydrate your drying skin. SpringRain introduces Collagen Treatment, a facial that was created specifically for dehydrated skin. $82