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Finding Your Match on And Other Dating Services

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Since the 90s, has provided a means for single people to find each other online. I remember in the beginning, online dating still had quite a stigma. Back then, people would tell me that online dating services such as were for "losers." It is interesting how the perception about online dating has evolved over the years. After a couple decades, we have finally reached a point where online dating is very much mainstream. I've even seen statistics that suggest that the majority of young people have tried at least one dating site. So it seems that online dating services are no longer the domain of lonely people who couldn't find love using traditional means.

If you actually take the time to think about it, dating services make a lot of sense. Let's face it -- the number of people you encounter throughout the course of your every day life is somewhat limited. This is especially true if you have a busy life and if you're career-oriented. You can increase your chances slightly if you rely on friends and family to introduce you to people, but it's not always easy to resort to that sort of thing. Just ask yourself, how many times have I been set up on a bad date? More often than not, these types of tactics to meet other people are simply a roll of the dice.

But then there is online dating. With sites such as, you are in charge, and you can search thousands of single people in your local region. You get to decide who you might hit it off with, and even before you go on the first date, you can have a significant amount of interaction using the messaging feature.

Now to be fair, online dating isn't perfect and it does have its pitfalls. The chief one that bugs me is that people are often quite different online than they are in person. Someone may come off as upbeat and cheerful through chat messages but exude a different sort of energy once you meet them. But with some practice and experience, you will get better and judging these kinds of things. And of course, there are also nightmare scenarios where people post fake photos and when you meet them, they look completely different. These things, however, are somewhat rare and you shouldn't avoid online dating simply because you have heard about some nightmare scenarios.

So what's the ideal solution. My advice is to keep your options open. You shouldn't avoid online dating sites altogether, but you shouldn't rely on them exclusively either. Keep an open mind, and try everything at least once. You might be surprised where you end up finding love.