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How to treat dark circles in the eye area?
A common problem of the eye area is dark circles. Although they appear due to aging, dark circles can also be caused by allergies and fatigue. The delicate skin around the eyes is thinner, and blood vessels are more visible, and particularly in individuals with pale, transparent skin, the dark will be more evident. Skincare treatments can help minimize the appearance of dark circles. Choose the treatment that affects hydration, drainage, cell renewal, oxygeneration and helps constrict the veins and offer protection. It is very important to supplement skincare treatment with professional home care products, including a gentle eye make-up remover and light eye creams or soothing gel lotion.

Shiatsu?!! What is it?
Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning: "Finger pressure." Shiatsu is a bodywork, the oldest form of medicine-healing with hands. Shiatsu uses hands pressure and manipulative technique to adjust the body physical structure and it's natural inner energies, to help cure the illness and maintain good health.

How can I receive Shiatsu? 
The Shiatsu Therapy presents a wide range of healing treatments. The Shiatsu Massage Therapy are provided with fully clothed receiver and on a futon.

What kind of treatment is Shiatsu? 
Treatment can take the form of hard, forceful pressure with manipulation or gentle pressure with stretching of the limbs or pulm and etc. The Giver (Massage Therapist) usually begins the session with a diagnostic. Giver analyzes the pulse of the points located on the certain parts of body. A Giver also uses different techniques to discover the main concerns of client Wellness and Health. What is the purpose of Shiatsu? The skilled Shiatsu Therapist incorporates all the necessary and proven techniques to establish a healthy state of balance that treats the mind, body and spirit as one entry.

Which conditions respond well to Shiatsu? 
Shiatsu is powerful tool for healing the different disorders. The conditions most widely recognized for healing benefits of Shiatsu are: Insomnia Anxiety and depression, Headaches, Digestive disturbance, Low resistance to infection, Disorders of masculoskeletal system. Please note that Shiatsu is not a traditional medicine. If you experience long lasting health problems or serious medical problems please consult your doctor


Healthy, radiant skin is the foundation on which each of us builds our personal style. Below we will define top ten skin conditions that can be successfully treated by appropriate aesthetic treatment. It will help you to look more beautiful and feel younger.

Perhaps most of you can describe your skin as dry and flaky. When in reality it is more combination to oily, but because of the soap and alkaline products that are being used to cleanse the skin, it is actually dehydrated --subjectively the skin feels dry. It is not rare to get mistaken about the condition of your skin. But
awareness of your skin condition will give you the clue to what type of aesthetic you need.

Cumulative sun damage, is by far the biggest cause of wrinkles. The facial expression by repetitive facial movements are cause of forehead lines, crow's-feet, eye lines, and "Smile lines". A course of Glycolic acid peel is an appropriate treatment.

The main causes are: Photo damage and gravity. This usually begins to appear around the ages of 35-40, and gets worse over time. There are many esthetic treatments available that effectively helps elasticity.


This is caused by sun exposure, hormonal factors, and skin inflammation. A series of AHA ph 3.0 exfoliation treatments administered twice a week for three weeks will change the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Most people whose skin is chronically red or sensitive have rosacea. Redness can be caused by overexfoliation, overstimulation, irritants, and allergies. 

Recommendation- don't use heat treatments or paraffin applications. The cosmetics products should be fragrance free. C-Esta Facial is especially designed for this purpose.

The chief causes: Retention of hyperkeratosis and oiliness. 
Recommendation: Do not overwash the skin. Using an appropriate cleanser will help you cleanse your skin at least two to three times a day. European Facial is a proven way to keep your skin in good condition. Once treatment in four week with a course at least 6.


The tendency to develop acne is influenced by hormones, stress, and comedonic skincare products. Recommendation: Do not overdry the skin. The recommended treatment is a Facial rejuvenating package.

There are two forms of dryness - oil dryness and dehydration. 
Recommedation: Avoid soaps and washes. Golden Facial is a an appropriate treatment for this type of skin condition.