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An FAQ for buying perfumes

1. Where should I apply perfumes?
Opinions on this matter differ, but I personally think the best places to apply perfume is on your inner wrists, behind the knees and behind the ears. This is because your pulse helps to accentuate the perfume by emanating its scent. Make sure you do not apply perfume to your clothing or to any jewelry you plan to wear. The perfume can damage or leave stains on your clothes. The same goes for jewelry.

2. How can I test new perfumes?
People often go to department stores to try different kinds of perfumes, but there is actually a better way to test perfumes. It's preferable to stick to brands you've used in the past and trust, and when testing perfume make sure you wear it for at least a half hour, as this will give the perfume time to evaporate and integrate with your skin chemistry, revealing the true scent you will have when you wear that perfume.

3. Where can I buy perfume at a discount
You can go to oulet malls to find some reasonable prices on your favorite perfumes. Department stores are also a good option but the prices tend to be high. The best place to buy perfume, in my opinion, is by going online. Sites like Amazon, Ebay, and others offer perfume at heavily discounted prices. You can also go to an online perfume store like to find some good deals.

4. Are perfumes safe?
Most perfumes are perfectly safe, but there are exceptions. to this. For example, an ingredient in the perfume may be something you are allergic to. This is why testing is so important. Use the method described in the question above to test perfumes and make sure they agree with your skin. If you develop a rash, or if your skin itches, discontinue use.