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The Frustrating Side of

Earlier on, I discussed and some of its benefits in detail. And while I have mostly positive things to say about this service, there are some frustrating elements to it, especially for guys. The women I talk to generally seem to like the site quite a bit, and receive lots of attention. However, this is not the case with guys. In fact, the opposite is often true. Guys typically need to blast messages to dozens or even hundreds of women to get a response. And the other side of the coin is that women get flooded with messages and often have a hard time sorting things out. A few hours wading through this type of landscape can be quite frustrating and sometimes even headache inducing.

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I believe the ideal solution to this type of problem is to create a minimum length for messages to be sent. Think of it as the opposite of Twitter. As you know, Twitter caps your message at 140 characters. Perhaps should have a rule that any opening message you send to a love interest need to be OVER 140 characters. This would prevent all the frivolous messages that get sent back and forth. Some female subscribers have, in the past, shown me the type of message they receive. Many or just a couple words long such as "you're hot," or something along those lines. In my opinion, such messages are pretty much the online dating equivalent of spam, and don't really bring anything to the table. It won't be any loss if makes it harder for such messages to be sent. Barring that, perhaps a span filter would be helpful so people can avoid these types of messages.

But this doesn't mean you need to avoid or anything like that. If anything, the situation is less bad at compared to other sites -- especially the free dating sites like Okcupid. And that's why I recommend that you at least try it out using a free trial offer from this source. But I do suggest, if you are a woman, to figure out some way of dealing with the plethora of messages you are bound to be inundated with. And if you're a guy, it helps to know going in that you probably won't get a response to most messages. So you want to keep your messages concise but long enough to indicate that you have a geniune interest in the other party.

Further tips on how to date effectively on can be found online through articles, ebooks, and other means. If you really want to improve your chances, hiring a dating coach may not be a bad idea. However, be warned that dating coaches are not cheap. Therefore, you should think of them as a last resort if you have not had any luck trying other methods, such as speed dating.