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Finding Your Match on And Other Dating Services

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Since the 90s, has provided a means for single people to find each other online. I remember in the beginning, online dating still had quite a stigma. Back then, people would tell me that online dating services such as were for "losers." It is interesting how the perception about online dating has evolved over the years. After a couple decades, we have finally reached a point where online dating is very much mainstream. I've even seen statistics that suggest that the majority of young people have tried at least one dating site. So it seems that online dating services are no longer the domain of lonely people who couldn't find love using traditional means.

If you actually take the time to think about it, dating services make a lot of sense. Let's face it -- the number of people you encounter throughout the course of your every day life is somewhat limited. This is especially true if you have a busy life and if you're career-oriented. You can increase your chances slightly if you rely on friends and family to introduce you to people, but it's not always easy to resort to that sort of thing. Just ask yourself, how many times have I been set up on a bad date? More often than not, these types of tactics to meet other people are simply a roll of the dice.

But then there is online dating. With sites such as, you are in charge, and you can search thousands of single people in your local region. You get to decide who you might hit it off with, and even before you go on the first date, you can have a significant amount of interaction using the messaging feature.

Now to be fair, online dating isn't perfect and it does have its pitfalls. The chief one that bugs me is that people are often quite different online than they are in person. Someone may come off as upbeat and cheerful through chat messages but exude a different sort of energy once you meet them. But with some practice and experience, you will get better and judging these kinds of things. And of course, there are also nightmare scenarios where people post fake photos and when you meet them, they look completely different. These things, however, are somewhat rare and you shouldn't avoid online dating simply because you have heard about some nightmare scenarios.

So what's the ideal solution. My advice is to keep your options open. You shouldn't avoid online dating sites altogether, but you shouldn't rely on them exclusively either. Keep an open mind, and try everything at least once. You might be surprised where you end up finding love.

Your Options for Renting Video Games

Avid gamers have long known that the best way to play video games is to rent them. The reason for this is obvious. A new game can cost you $60 or $70, and let's be honest -- you won't know whether the game is good or not until you actually play it. So any way you slice it, buying new games can be a bit of a gamble. I used to make the mistake of buying my own games, and would spend close to $1000 per year. Half of the games were quite good, but the other half was not. The end result was that I had shelves of video games with many titles I no longer played. There were sitting there, collecting dust, so to speak.


A few years ago, I learned about an online game rental service called Gamefly. At face value, it seemed like a good deal. For around $15 a month, I could rent games on all the major platforms like PS4 and Xbox One. What's more I was allowed to keep playing the games I rented for as long as I wanted. And I never had to pay for postage when the games were sent to me, since that was included in the cost of membership. But I must admit, I was still a bit skeptical. How quickly would they have brand new games in stock? I certainly didn't want to wait months or weeks to play a new release. And how good was their selection? Sure, the website said they have over 8000 titles, but I had no ideas if they were the kind of games I would be interested in.

I decided to take a leap of faith however, since I was tired of spending so much money on purchasing new titles. $15 a month sure sounded like a good deal to me, and would save me hundreds of dollars a month. I figured I could join using the Gamefly free trial. That way, I'd get a month of the Gamefly service for free. Then, I could stay on if I liked the service, and if not, I could simply cancel the service without having lost anything. Go to the following link to get a gamefly free trial so you can play playstation and xbox one games for free.

I'm glad to say that I was quite pleased with the service overall. My main concern was that they would not have the games I wanted to play, but I found out that in the vast majority of cases, this was not a concern at all. In addition, the service did a very good job of stocking brand new games quickly. The only thing I don't like about the service is the fact that you have to wait a couple days between receiving games. But I suppose that's a small gripe, since everything else about the service is top-notch.

One last thing I should mention is that Gamefly allows you to buy a game if you fall in love with it. When you do this, you get a discounted price because the game is essentially used. So even when you decide to buy a game, you benefit by being a Gamefly member. This is a nice bonus to all the other good things this service has to offer.

The Frustrating Side of

Earlier on, I discussed and some of its benefits in detail. And while I have mostly positive things to say about this service, there are some frustrating elements to it, especially for guys. The women I talk to generally seem to like the site quite a bit, and receive lots of attention. However, this is not the case with guys. In fact, the opposite is often true. Guys typically need to blast messages to dozens or even hundreds of women to get a response. And the other side of the coin is that women get flooded with messages and often have a hard time sorting things out. A few hours wading through this type of landscape can be quite frustrating and sometimes even headache inducing.

tree of love

I believe the ideal solution to this type of problem is to create a minimum length for messages to be sent. Think of it as the opposite of Twitter. As you know, Twitter caps your message at 140 characters. Perhaps should have a rule that any opening message you send to a love interest need to be OVER 140 characters. This would prevent all the frivolous messages that get sent back and forth. Some female subscribers have, in the past, shown me the type of message they receive. Many or just a couple words long such as "you're hot," or something along those lines. In my opinion, such messages are pretty much the online dating equivalent of spam, and don't really bring anything to the table. It won't be any loss if makes it harder for such messages to be sent. Barring that, perhaps a span filter would be helpful so people can avoid these types of messages.

But this doesn't mean you need to avoid or anything like that. If anything, the situation is less bad at compared to other sites -- especially the free dating sites like Okcupid. And that's why I recommend that you at least try it out using a free trial offer from this source. But I do suggest, if you are a woman, to figure out some way of dealing with the plethora of messages you are bound to be inundated with. And if you're a guy, it helps to know going in that you probably won't get a response to most messages. So you want to keep your messages concise but long enough to indicate that you have a geniune interest in the other party.

Further tips on how to date effectively on can be found online through articles, ebooks, and other means. If you really want to improve your chances, hiring a dating coach may not be a bad idea. However, be warned that dating coaches are not cheap. Therefore, you should think of them as a last resort if you have not had any luck trying other methods, such as speed dating.

The Best Way To Quit Smoking


Almost everyone would agree that smoking is a disgusting habit. First off, it makes your breath stink and causes your teeth to become yellow. But that's not all. If you smoke inside your home or in your car, you will end up causing those environments to stink. Studies have also shown that smoking can have harmful effects on your skin, causing your appearance to deteriorate. If these were the only things bad about smoking, they would be reason enough to quit.

But smoking can also have devastating effects on your health. In addition to causing harm to your lungs and increasing the chance of getting cancer, it can have all sorts of other bad effects on your health, such as making it more difficult for you to breath. Coughing is a regular part of a smoker's life.

Perhaps this is why millions of people try to quit smoking, but most people are not successful. Many products like nicotine patches and gums exist, but they usually do not work for people, or if they do, the ex-smoker invariable relapses. Prescription pills can often be helpful as well, but once again, relapse is a concern that is not sufficiently addressed by such solutions. And prescription medication often have unpleasant side effects.

A better way to quit, in my opinion, is to seek a bit of a compromise. The reason smoking is so difficult to quit is that tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive drug. A good solution is therefore to switch to something that is less harmful than tobacco but still delivers the nicotine, so that people won't have an urge to go back to smoking. With these conditions in mind, it becomes clear that e-cigarettes are a viable option. I've been using e-cigarettes from Halo Cigs for years and have not relapsed since quitting smoking. So I know first hand that e-cigarettes can be a permanent solution. If you want to try the same e-cigs, check out these Halo Coupons.

Are e-cigarettes the ideal way to quit smoking? Probably not, because as I've stated earlier, you're still going to be inhaling nicotine. But aside from that, you will gain many benefits. E-cigarettes users don't have bad breath, can breathe more easily, and avoid many of the health pitfalls and risks that come with smoking tobacco. And should you decide you want to quit all nicotine, e-cigarettes can serve as a step in the right direction. Quitting smoking cold turkey may prove daunting, but making a switch to e-cigarettes then trying to reduce your e-cig usage is a much more feasible approach for most people.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Ink

ink cartridges

Inkjet printers are, on the whole, cheaper than laser printers. For this reason, they can be a great choice for frugal home offices or businesses that need to save money. But one thing many people aren't aware of is that for the most part, you will end up paying more for ink when you use an inkjet printer. I own an HP inkjet printer myself, and go through ink cartridges really quickly. What makes things worse is that printer ink on the whole can be quite expensive. Expect to pay 20, 30 or even 40 dollars per cartridge. And if you do any amount of printing, you can only expect that cartridge to last a month, if even that. Ink expenses can therefore end up eating into your budget, unless you know strategies for getting ink cheaply.

One strategy that is quite popular is to reuse your cartridges. In order to do this, you will need to know how to refill your cartridges with fresh, new ink. This may sound a bit complicated, but if you go through the process a couple times, it should become second nature. The first thing you'll have to do is purchase an ink refill kit from an online store like Inkfarm. You can usually get them for under 30 dollars if you use an Inkfarm coupon or promo code. A usual refill kit will allow you to refill a cartridge up up to 10 times, thus saving you quite a bit of money. If you do decide to purchase a refill kit, make sure you buy one that is compatible with the ink cartridge you will be using. If you buy the wrong kit, then the results will usually not be good.

A second way to get ink cheaply is by purchasing remanufactured cartridges. These are used cartridges that have had brand new ink injected into them. The difference between remanufactured cartridges and ink cartridges you refill on your own is that remanufactured cartridges are refilled professionally, often with the help of machines. This means that such cartridges have a much lower chance of malfunctioning. If you purchase them from a trusted source like Inkfarm, they usually come with a guarantee as well. So if they do not work for whatever reason, you will be able to send it back for a refund or a replacement.

An FAQ for buying perfumes

1. Where should I apply perfumes?
Opinions on this matter differ, but I personally think the best places to apply perfume is on your inner wrists, behind the knees and behind the ears. This is because your pulse helps to accentuate the perfume by emanating its scent. Make sure you do not apply perfume to your clothing or to any jewelry you plan to wear. The perfume can damage or leave stains on your clothes. The same goes for jewelry.

2. How can I test new perfumes?
People often go to department stores to try different kinds of perfumes, but there is actually a better way to test perfumes. It's preferable to stick to brands you've used in the past and trust, and when testing perfume make sure you wear it for at least a half hour, as this will give the perfume time to evaporate and integrate with your skin chemistry, revealing the true scent you will have when you wear that perfume.

3. Where can I buy perfume at a discount
You can go to oulet malls to find some reasonable prices on your favorite perfumes. Department stores are also a good option but the prices tend to be high. The best place to buy perfume, in my opinion, is by going online. Sites like Amazon, Ebay, and others offer perfume at heavily discounted prices. You can also go to an online perfume store like to find some good deals.

4. Are perfumes safe?
Most perfumes are perfectly safe, but there are exceptions. to this. For example, an ingredient in the perfume may be something you are allergic to. This is why testing is so important. Use the method described in the question above to test perfumes and make sure they agree with your skin. If you develop a rash, or if your skin itches, discontinue use.